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These recipes come to you from a French family living in Bordeaux, the famous city of the wine, in the South West of France. 

We've compiled 44 best traditional french recipes that have been enjoyed by our family for generations. 

Typically, we eat fresh, local, and seasonal products straight from the market. We rarely eat frozen foods and produce and we're not big fans of the microwave (since it changes the flavor of the ingredients). 

We enjoy taking our time when cooking, savoring the delicious smells of the dishes we're cooking in the kitchen.

All of the recipes presented here have been tested dozens of times. As such, they are precise, delicious, and practically impossible to get wrong.

Antonio, our great-grandmother, Annie, our grandmother, Alain, our grandfather, Anthony, the dad, Isabelle, the mom, and Antoine are happy to share their joys of cooking and eating with you.

As we say at home -- Bon appetit!

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